6 Tips For Making A Small Space Work For Your Family In Colorado Springs

How to Maximize Space in a Small House

Many people today choose smaller living spaces, whether through choice or forced. Some people want to live a minimalist lifestyle, and for others, because of a job change, it is a new economic necessity. Whatever the reason, many families now have to adapt with less total square footage to living spaces. Here are 6 tips for making a small space work for you and your family in Colorado Springs .

1. Declutter . . . Ruthlessly

The first step in making a small space work in Colorado Springs for you and your family is to get rid of things. You must have fewer possessions when you have less space.

Start your decluttering by getting rid of all the broken items and stuff you’re never using (and we all have plenty of them). Donate old, inappropriate clothes and get rid of those useless things that only have tenuous sentimental value.

2. Set Up “Zones” in Rooms

Working with a small space means making peace by having fewer rooms to work with. Still, by dividing these rooms into “zones,” you can live much as you did. This allows you to have certain areas defined by their function and stay organized.

For example, one area of the living room could be designated for watching TV, another for children’s play, and another for conversation. For these activities, you may not have separate rooms, but you will have designated zones for them that ultimately work the same way.

3. Maximize Closet Space and Furniture

Naturally, closet space will be at a premium, so you have to make the most of it. And using closet systems such as stacked storage containers, shoe racks, tiered racks for hanging clothes, and so on, is the best way to do this.

By allowing some of it to do double duty, you can also maximize furniture. For example, a dresser top can also be used as a changing table, and under it beds have plenty of storage space.

4. Go With Smaller Furniture

Smaller furniture is also an option for you and your family to work in Colorado Springs in a small Home . Smaller furniture will make the smaller space appear larger in addition to taking up less room. Smaller furniture allows you to maximize the space available while still having the furniture that makes a house feel like home. There are a lot of options in space-saving kitchen tables and work desks.

5. Use Mirrors

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is often more about illusion than reality to feel more space. And it can help you create the illusion of more space using strategically placed mirrors. The living room and bedroom mirrors will make these rooms feel more spacious and brighter.

6. Use Exposed-Leg Furniture

Another way to make a small space work in Colorado Springs for you and your family is to get rid of this voluminous, blocky furniture. Using exposed-leg furniture will give a more open and spacious feel to your home with the exposed area below. Remember: often illusion is more important than reality.

It’s actually possible to create a small space for you and your family in Colorado Springs . Maybe it’s not your first or ideal choice, but it can be done. And even more guidance can be given by your local real estate professional along these lines.

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